Rafael Nazario

Long long time ago.

homeRafael Nazario lives in Sydney, Australia, where he actively works as a pianist, composer and educator. Nazario’s music straddles two cultures, Anglo & Latino. Along the way he manages to cover several music genres that are often thought of as “incompatible”. Rafael is equally comfortable playing jazz, classical or a pop, as well as a number of different styles categorised under the umbrella of “Latin Music”.

Rafael was most recently featured at the Thredbo Jazz Festival, 2nd-4th of May, where he led a septet “Brasil Sete” of some of Australia’s finest musicians playing a Brazilian repertoire.

Most recently he has taken his composing skill set and applied it to the Hunter ’n Hornet Appisode/Web series, which are slowly being released through the Apple App Store and on YouTube.

Born in Puerto Rico, educated in the U.S and Europe, and now also an Australian citizen, Rafael has always been led by his love of music (though in Australia he was first known for another talent). As the one time resident pianist at the Dudley Moore co-owned ’72 Market Street in Venice, CA (’84-90), he played for a show-biz clientele that mingled beach bohemian with film and music royalty.

His peripatetic career has included work on Television and film as both composer and actor and along the way, as a renowned chef and published author. After settling in Australia, Rafael returned to music full time in 2009. Rafael later co-wrote the song “Don’t Give Up” with Joanna Weinberg, featured in the film “Goddess”(2013).

As an independent artist, Rafael has released 10 CDs including 5 albums, covering a swath of styles from Nuevo Latino to Classical to Ambient, Jazz and Pop. Yet, he has always referred back to his bicultural roots, reconciling his past and present by producing bilingual music, in both Spanish and English.