Lessons can take place at either my shared studio in Crow’s Nest or at my home in the Eastern Suburbs. I recommend brining a notebook and a if you have a smart phone with video capabilities, it often comes in handy to tape a particular exercise.


I coach several students at home, mostly adults but some school age, in their homes. Many find learning in their homes a more relaxing environment.
If the student is underage, I require that an adult parent/guardian be present in the home at the time of the lesson.
If I travel beyond a certain point (say to French’s Forest), I add an extra 10.00 to the fee.


It’s pretty amazing how well it works. A great way of coaching long distance. All that is needed is a high-speed modem and a camera set up.

Laptop computers are often ideal for this as they can be turned to face the keyboard. The only downside is I can’t play with the student because of a tiny time lag. But I can still demonstrate the and pass on a lot of information, as well as different ways to practice.